Little recognized side effects of chemo ;-)

The posted a brief online article with the headline “Oliver Bogler Misjudges Breast Cancer as a Mere Lump” – a bit personal, yes, but I commend them for spreading awareness, picking up from the Washington Post piece two days ago. (

More gratifying still was that they gave me such a great bod. I mean I have been trying to watch my weight during the last five months, and also keep active, but I had no idea. I’ve also been avoiding mirrors – who is that bald guy starting back at me? – so I was as surprised as anyone to see how ripped I had become. Must be a new side effect 🙂

I'm ripped!

I’m ripped!

(PS I really am grateful to Nimisha Sachdev for posting this piece and spreading the word – I just couldn’t help myself when something funny comes along.)

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