day 56 a better male breast cancer resource

I know I haven’t been writing as much this past week than before, but it is due to a combination of the oncoming holidays with their great family activities, being busy at work, feeling a bit tired some of the time and now committing to creating the start on a better male breast cancer resource.

I can’t promise anything yet on what we will eventually build, but the feedback I have received via the questionnaire is clear. Although there were only 13 respondents, it is clear that the most important thing people would like to see are basic facts and the opportunity to ask questions. These two were rated very important by 12 of the 13 people who responded, and that is, I think a decent indication.


So how do we build something that responds to these needs? I think that for the first, what I can personally provide is a summary of the current literature on male breast cancer. While I am neither a clinician nor a breast cancer expert (I am a basic scientist whose research focuses on brain tumors) I think I can summarize the last 10 years of literature and present them in an accessible way.  

This is made somewhat easier by the fact that the male breast cancer research literature is not that extensive. I will not duplicate the many thorough and excellent resources for women, nor attempt to grapple with the very large literature on that disease. I will instead summarize what is known about the disease in men, and cross reference to other sources as necessary

So even though there are not that many papers, it is going to take some time – time that I might otherwise have devoted to being here on the blog. I hope you agree that this is worthwhile, and will excuse my absence. I will continue to write here, and share my experiences as well, but it may be more like once a week. 

Of note, this week my oncologist and my surgeon have planned the next steps of my therapy. I will start he second phase of chemo, FAC, at the end of December. And we have tentatively scheduled my surgery for the end of March. This is great and gives me a clear road ahead for the next several weeks. In the meantime I continue to do well with the taxol. 


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