day 48 do we need a better male breast cancer resource?

One of the things that people have mentioned to me is that there is no single, go-to resource for information about male breast cancer. There are of course many such resources for women, but the questions that are specific for men are not well addressed, according to some who have commented on my site. The big question of how fair it is to use the female disease as a template to understand the male disease, as well as awareness for men could be worked on.

To find out more what people were thinking I set up a survey, and got some feedback. Not that many people responded, and there is still a chance to be heard if you are interested. It takes just a few minutes and can be found here:

I asked about how important the following were, and they came out in this order (the numbers are scores, with higher numbers meaning people assigned higher priorities to them).

  • basic facts about the disease (symptoms, treatments, prognosis etc) 3.00
  • opportunity to ask questions of professionals engaged in male breast cancer care and/or research  2.88
  • community functionality such as discussion boards, places to post questions for community support 2.63
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) and their answers 2.63 
  • collection of links 2.38 
  • listing of clinical trials 1.88

So it looks as if most folks are interested in the basics here: general facts and also awareness raising. I will take this as a personal challenge to look into opportunities for creating something to meet those needs. Your comments on the blog or on Facebook would be very welcome to help me understand in more depth what is needed – please join me in this. 

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