Attending #BidenCancerSummit for Project ECHO

First – apologies to readers – I have not posted in a good while, for life reasons. I am doing very well and had the chance of a lifetime earlier this year to join the amazing team at the ECHO Institute to work on Project ECHO. Changing jobs, moving and all the exciting work we have been doing made it hard for me to keep up posts – although I have tried to remain active on Twitter for breast cancer trials.

I will write more about my work at ECHO soon – time allowing – but I wanted to give a sign of life. I am attending the Biden Cancer Summit tomorrow and am excited to be part of this new wave of energy in the ongoing fight against cancer!

3 thoughts on “Attending #BidenCancerSummit for Project ECHO

  1. Oliver: Great to hear from you & to learn what you are up to. Are you in Albuquerque ?? You know I have a house in Santa Fe and am there at least once a month.

    All is good here. Glad to know you are doing well.

    Cheers! Michael >

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