Please consider supporting #malebreastcancer research

Welcome to October – the month we think more about breast cancer than usual. This is a quick post and appeal to my regular readers and a welcome to first time visitors.

I have written ‘Paper Reports’ for nearly 2 years,trying to make the latest research on our disease more accessible to those not in science or medicine who face male breast cancer. I do it because as a cancer biologist and male breast cancer patient I am uniquely positioned and motivated to share this information with you.

It has been good to see an increase in pace, with interesting findings now coming once a month or so, although there are still weeks when PubMed shows only repetitive findings or case reports. You will be familiar with my refrain in most of these posts that more research is needed. That is because it is true. Understanding male breast cancer and how to specifically treat it needs more research – we are many years behind compared to what we know about women’s breast cancer.

Now we have an opportunity to contribute directly to this. Dr. Sharon Giordano, my oncologist and an accomplished researcher is part of a large international registry trial and has access to male breast cancer samples which are well annotated with clinical information. What Dr. Giordano needs is funds to cover molecular analyses of male breast cancer samples, and this has the potential to advance our understanding significantly.


Together with my friend Michael Dale and others we have started a team to raise funds for this research via MD Anderson’s Boot Walk fund raiser coming in early November. I ask you to please consider making a contribution to our team. Everything you donate will go directly to research on male breast cancer. Disclosure: I work at MD Anderson, but these funds are not for me – they will go to Dr. Giordano and her team to do important work.

Please click the link below and consider supporting our common cause!

Thank you!

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