Men Needed: Join a Sociology Study on Breast Cancer #malebreastcancer #bcsm

Piper Coutinho-Sledge, a grad student at the University of Chicago, recently contacted me about an interesting project that she is working on. Please see her call for participants below, and consider taking part. Her contact info is there too.

Ethnographic Study of Gynecological and Breast Cancer

Piper Coutinho-Sledge

(PhD Candidate Sociology, MA Sociology, MS Natural Resources)

I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. I am conducting an interview-based study that will explore how the experience of gynecological and breast cancer screening and treatment influence personal identity and body image. A central goal of my research is to shed light on experiences which are not often portrayed publicly and to improve the access to and quality of health care for these individuals. More specifically, I designed my research to help better understand the role that medical care plays in perpetuating norms of gender and sexual identity and the ways in which these norms influence individual access to care. To this end I am searching for men who have completed treatment for breast cancer in an interview setting. These interviews will be strictly anonymous. All identifying information will be destroyed and only I will have access to your contact information.

If you are willing to participate please contact me via email at or phone at (860) 428-6750.

Thank you!

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