a big thank you to the #bcsm community for a chance to discuss male breast cancer

This Monday past at the 9pm ET/ 8pm CT tweet chat on the #bcsm tag, the conversation was about male breast cancer. Invited guests were @MikeCowher and I (@obogler). I have been participating on the chat for several months, often lurking, and sometimes chiming in. The topics are always provocative.

Order is imposed, to the extent that it can be in the magical chaos of a tweet chat, by the three people behind #bcsm: Jody Schoger (@jodyms), Alicia Staley (@stales) and Dr. Deanna Attai (@DrAttai). They moderate, feed questions to the guests, welcome new members and gently remind people of the etiquette that makes it all work.

As a guest the impression was that of being in a large crowd, and lots of balls flying around, some aimed at you, many not. Sometimes while you were catching one ball, and trying to return it to the person that threw it, you had the feeling that there might be several more you didn’t see and probably dropped.

But it was oddly and hugely satisfying too. People really pay attention to each other, and just as I have learned alot from the many chats I’ve attended, I hope that Dr. Cowher and I were able to share some info.

Even cooler is that Dr. Attai keeps the transcript of the chat to read later and gathers cool statistics on it as well.

Here are some screen shots of the stats:

#bcsm male breast cancer activity

#bcsm male breast cancer activity

The graph above shows the activity for the ~1 hour of the chat. Pretty steady.

#bcsm male breast cancer participants

#bcsm male breast cancer participants

This panel shows the participants and the fact that we collectively tweeted 836 time during the chat, that there were 72 people who tweeted (perhaps others lurked), that we tweeted at a rate of 669 tweets per hour (that’s a tweet every 6 seconds!) and that there were over 2 million impressions, which I guess means potential readers of all the tweets (ie followers who might have seen them). Cool!

Thanks again to all my friends at #bcsm for being so welcoming and for hanging out together online 🙂

4 thoughts on “a big thank you to the #bcsm community for a chance to discuss male breast cancer

  1. Thank you, Oliver for being so generous with your time and for all that you are doing to help increase awareness not only about the fact that men can and do develop breast cancer, but also raising awareness of the inequities regarding research for treatment options.

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