day 349: speaking at my first event – thank you BMTC Houston!

Today I hit a major milestone in my journey to become an advocate – the first time telling my story before a group of people.

calendar entry

calendar entry

My hosts were the Bio/Medical Technology Club Houston, and it couldn’t have been a nicer group of people! I want to thank Dr. Preeti Ismail for the generous invitation.

I made a Prezi about my story – you can see it here – to provide a guide for my story. You can take a quick look at it and also see links and references there.

Male Breast Cancer Prezi

Male Breast Cancer Prezi

I tried to mix the personal story with the concerns I have about the lack of research on male breast cancer biology and the fact that men are still excluded from the majority of breast cancer clinical trials. I realize that people naturally connect with the personal dimensions, and tried to connect these with the drier stuff on how much research is being done in this corner of the cancer research world.

I got some good questions, and a lively, friendly discussion ensued. I made some new acquaintances too, and with a bit of luck this will lead to additional opportunities to share my story, in order to raise awareness about male breast cancer and the need to invest more in learning about this disease.

6 thoughts on “day 349: speaking at my first event – thank you BMTC Houston!

  1. Wonderful presentation Oliver!!!! I tried to look at it online, but it seems to have problems downloading. Not sure if its on my end or not.

  2. Well done that is truly spreading the world… Not easy to stand up and tell your personal story to strangers but you did it.. Congratulations…

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