Launching The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer by David Jay

An exciting moment that has come much sooner than I thought – the launch of The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer by David Jay.

David photographed Bill Becker last week. Bill has been raising awareness about the male disease, most recently in news reports on his local TV news station.

Bill Becker by David Jay

Bill Becker by David Jay

The SCAR Project has focused so far on younger women fighting this disease, and has been very effective at highlighting their stories through a book and documentary.

I want to thank David for taking on this new challenge and for bringing the power of his art to the fight to raise awareness about the 1% of breast cancer patients that are men.

15 thoughts on “Launching The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer by David Jay

  1. This will definitely help make male breast cancer less abstract for people. It is a powerful photo and it communicates strength and dignity. Bill Becker and the photographer, David Jay were a good team.

  2. I believe this is going to be the “game-changer” that breast cancer needs. The men will crunch the numbers and push for data–it’s what they’re good at. (I’m not sexually biased, it’s just the truth, so no offense meant here).

    It’s a jarring and dramatic picture and I appreciate Bill for being willing to step forward, and as always, so thankful to David Jay.
    Please write more!!
    Rann Patterson, survivor
    Cancer Editor

  3. As Bills wife, mother of his 6 children, and his caretaker/partner in this uphill fight, I applaud you Oliver for doing what you do. It’s so unfortunate that we were not armed prior and even knew that men could get breast cancer. Now we find ourselves with our young family in the fight of our lives as Bill is stage 4 and treatments are not working as expected. We must remember that the majority of breast cancers are hormonally driven and we MUST also recognize that men with breast cancer don’t always react as a women would. This is the most vital reason that we must increase awareness and include men in ALL clinical trials and have some just for men. We must raise funds along with awareness as well. Ok I’m jumping off my soapbox. Thank you!!! Lisa

    • I pray for you all everyday. And yes AWARENESS is the key if men will ever have chance. We women are at least aware. Most doctors do not even do Breast exams on MEN during their physicals. We must change this for them to have a fighting chance. Bret had his lump for seven years before a doctor final listen to use!!!!!

  4. If there are any men with stage IV breast cancer, please contact me at I am interested in showing that men also get BC, but I focus primarily on stage IV metastatic disease. Would love to hear from you.
    Laura Wells
    STAGE IV LIFE Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation

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