day 137 – decision point FAC: decision is to complete the remaining two cycles of FAC

Just a quick post today to complete the story. I met with my oncologist just now, and she had reviewed the ultrasound information and was encouraged. She clearly saw the value in completing the FAC. While she conceded there was just a modest amount of shrinkage, she said that the fact that the tumor was now no longer growing was the key. Also, the node in my armpit had even responded a bit more, and so that really made it an easy decision.??I was surprisingly disappointed 🙂 and tried hard to keep that to myself. It was just the little boy in me, if you will, who so wanted to be done, and have a normal day tomorrow, and the next day and the weekend. Of course the adult me immediately saw the good side – that completing the course would give me the best shot and peace of mind in the long run. After those, what remained was relief that I wasn’t going to have to make the decision – if it was obvious to my oncologist, that was good enough for me.??So I am now waiting outside the infusion unit, ready to be called in. in just a few hours I’ll be able to say to myself “only one chemo left” and that is worth something too.Meanwhile I had a very exciting conversation about a new awareness project today – too early to tell more, but it could be really cool! Sorry to tease…

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