Men get breast cancer, too

One of the great things about my cancer journey has been making connections with others on the same road. I have really enjoyed my interactions on the #bcsm chats on Twitter that are Monday nights at 8pm central time ( which is run by the great trio Jody Schoger, Alicia Staley and Dr. Deanna Attai. Now I am thrilled that Elizabeth MacKenzie of the My Eyes Are Up Here blog has been kind enough to mention my blog on hers. As a guy in the breast cancer world, these welcomes and connections are very much appreciated. Elizabeth has many readers and several of them have also commented on her post. I look forward to reading about their experiences and learning from them.

My Eyes Are Up Here

Today’s Health Activist Writer’s Challenge inspired post is about men with breast cancer. Scorchy, of The Sarcastic Boob posted a link to her new FaceBook page to Oliver Bogle’s blog, Entering a World of Pink. Dr. Bogle was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. Coincidentally, he is a cancer researcher at the very prestigious Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. His wife is also a cancer researcher there and is a 5 year-old breast cancer survivor.

Thanks to Scorchy for sharing the link to the blog. It is excellent not just because it deals with male breast cancer, which deserves a lot more attention than it gets. It is very well written and since Dr. Bogle has a Ph.D. and experience as a lab scientist, his explanations of topics such as how Taxol works at the molecular level will blow you away. I also suspect he has a teaching background…

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2 thoughts on “Men get breast cancer, too

  1. Oliver, I have a memory of posting a comment to this post earlier this morning but then I fell asleep so perhaps I was only dreaming or forgot to actually click the “submit button.” In any event, thank YOU for your excellent blog. I have known for a long time that men can get breast cancer but having been diagnosed myself, have waded into a culture of women with breast cancer. And although I am amazed by the truly wonderful women I have met through this process, I have not been as mindful of men with the disease as I should.

  2. Being part of this blogging world has been an education for me.. Part if my work as a therapist is counselling cancer patients and I know these blogs can only assist me in this.. They are full of personal insights but also the latest treatments and tecnologies.. So thank you…Helen

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