The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer

While breast cancer in women has been at the very forefront of the awareness movement, the very same disease in men remains under-recognized. One consequence is that men still discover the disease later than they could, and so need more extensive treatment and have poorer outcomes. And since breast cancer in men is so rare, a screening program such as annual mammograms, makes no sense either. The only weapon we have in this fight is awareness.

Bill Becker by David Jay

Bill Becker by David Jay

So I am incredibly excited to be part of The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer, an unflinching look at the face of the disease in a series of  portraits shot by fashion photographer David Jay. We started working on this in February, 2013, and David photographed his first subject in this series, Bill Becker in May 2o12.

David is well known for his professional fashion work and also for his use of powerful imagery to examine important social issues and raise awareness about them, with the SCAR Project being an important contribution to the debate around breast cancer.

David Jay, the fashion photographer who also does social awareness work, was recently interviewed about the SCAR Project on the radio – listen here.

This part of his work is entirely non-commercial, and David gives generously of his time and creativity to causes he believes are important. I am thrilled that he has agreed to turn his lens on male breast cancer.

So now we need men who are willing to be photographed for this project. In particular we are seeking men who will highlight that breast cancer afflicts young and middle-aged people, the key demographic for raising awareness as people in these life stages rarely think about cancer. If you are a male breast cancer survivor, have had a mastectomy and are under 60 please consider participating in our project. Please get in touch.

Together we can make a difference – we can raise awareness. Please join us in this fight!

2 thoughts on “The SCAR Project: Male Breast Cancer

  1. Building awareness is so important.. The world of the Internet does this now and allows us to share with others and build knowledge and understanding where previously little was known…

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